Sunday, May 12, 2024
Italy, Turin, Palazzo della Luce, Via Stampatori 18
PRO Mito in Italy

PRO Mito opens Europe!


For the first time! The Mitochondrial Health Conference will be held in Italy.


The event with the participation of leading specialists in preventive medicine and TOP VILAVI software leaders will take place in Turin on May 12.


The topic of the conference is "Lifestyle Medicine. Alliance Between Nature and Science.

Mitochondrial Health as a Way of Life".


Speakers and reports:


Andrey F. Tarasevich – Head of the Department of Preventive and Personalised Medicine at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine (Moscow); Head of the Centre for Personalised Medicine at the Lancet Clinic (Moscow, Gelendzhik); Russian expert in mitochondrial health in VIVALVI; has 37 years of medical practice and 10 years of preventive medicine experience.



  • "A Mitochondrial Approach for Restoring the Body's Resources in Correcting Mitochondrial Dysfunction".
  • "Polyprenols: a Revolution Correcting Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Loyal Allies of Therapies".


Rossella Mollo is a surgeon, specialist in clinical biology, naturopath, specialist in acupuncture, homeopathy, phytotherapy, regulatory functional medicine and bioresonance by Paul Schmidt; expert in millimeter wave therapy, neural therapy and negative ion therapy.



  • "T8 Stone Humic Acids in the Natural Restoration of Psychophysical Well-being".


Francesco Balducci, a surgeon, expert in anti-aging, preventive and prognostic medicine, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer.



  • "Mitochondrial Biooptimization: Strategies of Mitochondriabiogenesis and Mitophagy, for Healthy longevity".


Tatiana Rivkina, a surgeon, expert in anti-aging, preventive and prognostic medicine, nutritionist, personal trainer; specialises in dermatovenerology; specialist in homotoxicology, acupuncture, endovenal laser, bioresonance therapy, hypnosis, parapsychology; Vinyasa yoga teacher; author with a patent for the diagnostic and therapeutic technique "neuro-dermal activation". 



  • "Healthy Mitochondria as a Way of Life."


Alberto Fiorito, a surgeon, specialist in underwater and hyperbaric medicine; director of the MA courses in nutraceuticals at the University of San Marino; expert in preventive medicine through lifestyle.



  • "Various Aspects of Lifestyle in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Degenerative Pathologies".


Svetlana Voynova, VILAVI's No. 1 top leader; entrepreneur; member of the Leadership Council, inspirer and coordinator of PRO MITO.



  • "Presentation of the MITO BASE program, the world's first and only nutrition program that protects mitochondria from both the outside and the inside, purposefully contributing to their proper functioning at 360°."


Valentin Voynov, VILAVI's No. 1 top leader; strategic marketer; entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience; member of the leadership council, inspirer and coordinator of PRO MITO.



  • "VILAVI's marketing strategies".


Conference venue: 

Italy, Turin, Palazzo della Luce, Via Stampatori 18.