Our Team has an amazing story
We are all different, we live different
lives and perform different tasks for the
Company, we have different rhythms of life, we think and act differently.
But we are all united by our common goal
and intense longing to grow that accumulate
our strongest points.
Dmitry Laevsky President of the VILAVI Company
President of the VILAVI Company. Works 24/7, never feels tired and energizes everyone. He is a strict but a reasonable man. He is actively engaged in his business and lives his life to the fullest.
Yuri Kukanov Executive Director
Parents his own five children, and all VILAVI members as well. He loves fishing alone and is saving money for Monte-Carlo vacation.
Maria Usoltseva Chief Accountant
Loves accounting and is keen on accounting only. Admits that she just has no time for any other thing.
Ekaterina Gurina Head of the Customer Service Department
She is fairly strict and has a charming smile. She loves people, complicated issues and ready solutions.