unique and core business
of VILAVI company

Every second, new life appears on the planet. We, people, can observe it in all manifestations.

Plants, animals, all living organisms on the planet are one. After all, every new life is born from a cell. A cell provides life for all living organisms on the planet.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. We are observing the speed of development of new technologies, infrastructure and generational change.

One thing remains unchanged - there is no life outside the cell.

We live and do not think about what complex processes take place in our body at the cellular level, but everything begins from the cell. The disease originates in it and there is a source of healing in it.

The quality of a person's life determines the high level of his health.

VILAVI has been following this path for many years and has been looking for opportunities to obtain an energy source and prolong the youth of the cell, in the process touching on trending and particularly important topics.

We started talking about the anti-age approach and prolonging youth. We came up with the idea of creating a special product that can provide the body with energy and replenish it with the resources necessary for life, so the idea of creating a unique SibXP complex was born.

It contains ingredients that allow the complex to act inside the cell itself.

Step by step we moved in this direction and each small find pushed us closer to the big destination.

This mission has become expertise in the field of mitochondrial health.

Why did this happen?

The basic human need is to produce as much energy as possible. Energy for any mental activity, for physical exertion (sports, sex). Energy for any movement.

Small power plants — MITOCHONDRIA, which settled in our body 3 billion years ago, are responsible for all this.

Their proper functioning gives us energy for any daily activities and is an important factor in life expectancy.

The main function of mitochondrial health is the formation of energy in sufficient quantity for full—fledged vital activity.

Our health is controlled by mitochondria, they conduct almost twenty of the most important life processes.

The health of mitochondria determines absolutely everything in our body. Your energy, all your internal organs, your whole body depends on the work of your mitochondria.

Healthy mitochondria are a resource for normal, energy–efficient vital activity of the whole organism. With age, mitochondria become much smaller, mitochondrial dysfunction appears.

The new positioning has opened our eyes to many things happening around us. We became the first company in the world to occupy an expert niche in mitochondrial health. VILAVI is a conductor of "sacred" knowledge to improve the biochemical processes of the human body.

Just imagine: our planet has existed for thousands and millions of thousands of years, alternating generations. Each generation brings something special, passing on its invaluable experience through the years.

We are a company that builds a business, making people's lives and health better through an integrated approach, a unique product that has no analogues and is created together with leading experts in mitochondrial health.

Our task is to transfer as much knowledge in this field as possible to new generations and we have every opportunity to do this. The company is growing every year, attracting the best experts in mitochondrial health to create new products. It creates educational projects for its partners that allow them to pump up their skills in the topic of mitochondrial health and business in this niche.

Now we understand that we have been going in the same direction all this time. Our vocation and purpose has always been the idea of building a business to change the world and making people healthy, successful and conscious.

Just imagine how important what you do every day is.

Your life, your business, your choice.

All your actions are the result of who you are and what your purpose is.

If you think about it more globally, all this may remind us of the butterfly effect, which is that a minor impact on the system can have large and unpredictable consequences in a completely different place.

For 12 years of work, the company has developed the concept of an approach of unique products that have no analogues, which act specifically on the human body, working in synergy, thereby improving our mitochondrial health and the quality of our life.