In honour of T8 EXTRA birthday we give all partners from Europe on all types of contract the opportunity to buy your favourite flagship product and get a branded VILAVI glass as a gift! 


BIG PACK EXTRA 90% (4+1) offer is valid from 21 July to 1 August (16:59 GMT).   


We remind you that BIG PACK is an opportunity to make shopping more favourable by 20%! If you buy 4 pcs. T8 EXTRA 90%, get another T8 EXTRA 90% as a gift! 



💵 212 € /💎 136 PV / 💸 40 €



🔻 Not available for starter purchase

🔻 Not available for glient orders

🔻 Not available for ordering for another representative

🔻 Not available for payment from a Gift Account.


Payment Methods:

✅ Advcash

✅ Card

✅ Bonus account  


EXTRA 90% BIG PACK for almost the whole month — a really festive offer! 


Don't miss your chance and go to the shop soon! Enjoy your shopping!