The start of the LCHF marathon is getting closer. And now we will tell you about the "most delicious" — what prizes are waiting for the winners.


Three participants will receive cash payments to their Bonus account at once:

15,000 rubles for the first place

For the second place — 10,000 rubles

For the third place — 5,000 rubles


The winners will receive a cash prize in the currency of the region in which the winner lives, at the internal exchange rate of the company.


In order to qualify for prizes, representatives from Europe must fulfill two conditions:

1. Purchase the LCHF SET.

2. Make an analysis of body composition — bioimpedance.


The winners will be those participants who will show the best results in bioimpedance measurement. The marathon expert Larisa Poluyantseva will analyze the results.


By purchasing the LCHF SET before 09/27/2023, you get an additional prize — a free conversation with a doctor. With the help of a randomizer, we will determine two winners. And on 28.09.2023  Larisa Poluyantseva will hold a free consultation for them.


Finally, absolutely all participants will come out of the marathon with valuable trophies. You will learn how to change your diet and lifestyle to become healthier and more alert. Fill up your menu with delicious and healthy recipes, interesting combinations and flavors, and also learn how to choose the "right" products in any store without spending astronomical budgets. Get support from like—minded people and confidence that life without diseases, stress and bad mood is your reality!


Come to the LCHF marathon. After all, you will get the maximum benefit!


You can purchase the LCHF SET at the VILAVI Store.