New period — new profitable offers for partners. Open the BIG PACK sets (4+1). The offer is valid from October 2 to October 10, 2023 (23:59 GMT) for partners with the status of a «Business» contract! 

When forming the October sets, we kept in focus the key task of autumn — to protect ourselves from colds, viruses and loss of strength in a season when the weather is capricious, when the sun is less and less pleasing with light and warmth, when you just want to hibernate somewhere under a warm blanket.

To provide you with strong immunity and a powerful energy reserve, in the BIG PACK we have included the main recharge for mitochondria, our flagship — T8 EXTRA 90%. T8 ViTEN will also be responsible for strong protection against infections.

Recall that the BIG PACK is a set of 5 products of the same name at the price of 4 units of goods. Thus, your benefit is 20%!

This month you will have access to 👇


💵 212 € / 💎 136 PV / 💸 40 €



💵 132 € / 💎88 PV / 💸 24 €

Important! The offer is valid only for representatives of VILAVI and is not subject to transfer to third parties and publication in open sources.


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