The most magical New Year's Eve has arrived. We are all preparing for the holidays, making plans and believing that the coming year will bring changes for the better and real miracles. 


We offer you to open the mysterious curtain of the future right now and find out what surprises await you on the eve of the holidays and in the new year. Absolutely true and extremely positive predictions, as well as access to profitable promotional sets 3+1, you will find in virtual Christmas magic cards! 


The postcards can be purchased individually or in a set of 10 pieces.


The purchase of virtual postcards is possible from December 24 to December 30, 2023 (23:59 GMT). 


How do I get a Christmas magic prediction? 


✔️ Choose a virtual Christmas magic card or a set of 10 Christmas magic box cards in the store and add them to the "Cart".

✔️ Place and pay for the order.

✔️ Open the Christmas magic page in your Personal Account. 

✔️ Click on the image of the postcard.

✔️ Get a wish-prediction or access to promotional kits.


And you can also give Christmas magic box postcards and sets to partners from your structure, for this:


✔️ Add a virtual Christmas magic card or a Christmas magic box set to your shopping cart.

✔️ Click "Place an order".

✔️ Mark "Order for another representative".


The Christmas magic offer is valid for VILAVI partners from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Europe, and Azerbaijan.

1 virtual Christmas magic card

💵 The cost is 1,50 €

💎 Filling — 1 PV

💸 Retail premium — 0,48 €


A set of Christmas magic box postcards (10 pieces)

💵 Cost — 15 €

💎 Filling — 10 PV

💸 Retail premium — 4,8 €

Choose Christmas magic cards and let the New Year's miracle happen! Go to the store to make a purchase.



Virtual postcards can be purchased from December 24 to December 30, 2023 (23:59 GMT).

If you get a postcard with access to promotional kits, the offer will be available within 72 hours.

You can use promotional offers from virtual postcards only until 01.01.2024 (16:59 GMT), even if 72 hours have not passed since the opening of the postcard.


Virtual postcards are non-refundable.