Spring is approaching: the bright sun is shining, and nature is being renewed.

And together with nature, we are also being updated! Therefore, especially for Europe, we are opening a special profitable set of LCHF TOP for updating and cleansing the body, maintaining the digestive tract and harmony!

LCHF TOP includes:

T8 STONE — provides antioxidant protection, mild detoxification of the body and improved metabolism.

T8 TEO GREEN — supports the work of the intestinal microbiota and replenishes the deficiency of natural plant components.

T8 ERA TO GO Choco — replaces one full meal of protein food, strengthens bones, accelerates muscle gain and saturates the body with vitamins and mineral elements.

In addition, these products will help you easily switch to and maintain the LCHF nutrition strategy. This makes the LCHF TOP kit an ideal choice for those who monitor their health and shape.

Terms of purchase for Europe:

💵 84,50 € / 💎 52 PV / 💸 13,50 €

The offer is valid for all partners in Europe from March 27 to April 21 (23:59 GMT).

In spring, it is especially important to pay attention to your health, and the LCHF TOP set will help you do it tasty and easy!  

You can purchase the set in the online store https://store.vilavi.com/