We are opening profitable sets of the TRIO BONUS format. You buy 3 T8 OMO DEUS 2 MINUTES BLACK toothpastes and get T8 OMO DEUS 2 MINUTES GOLD toothpaste as a gift.


When using 2 MINUTES BLACK and 2 MINUTES GOLD at the same time, the beneficial properties of pastes enhance and complement each other – you will get a noticeable positive result faster than when using these products separately.


When using black and gold paste in a complex, you will take care of both the whiteness of your teeth and the health of your gums at the same time. 


T8 OMO DEUS 2 MINUTES pastes are free of parabens and fluoride, and each paste comes with a bamboo toothbrush. 


Terms of purchase:


💵 25,50 € / 💎 12 PV / 💸 3,30 €

The offer is available to partners from Europe from 15.04 to 01.05 (16:59 GMT).

Profitable TRIO BONUS kits are available for purchase in the online store https://store.vilavi.com/.