T8 BLACKOUT is a delicious marmalade with relaxing effect and enhanced SibXP-Complex. It strengthens your health and normalizes the function of the whole organism due to polyprenols, fir cell juice and needles complex CGNC. While Tayga herbs complex helps you to feel relaxed and calm.



Each bottle of T8 BlackOut contains 5 packets of delicious chewing marmalade, which consists of relaxing herbs' extracts:


- mint, valerian, oregano extracts have calming effects on the nervous system, improve brain function;

- balm extract strengthens organism and normalizes appetite;

- passiflora extract will say good bye to insomnia;

- hypericum extract fights against depression;

- leonurus extract improves you well-being and sleep.


T8 BLACKOUT is your pass to the world of calmness and harmony, where there is no place for anxiety or dismay.