We have carried out a great action with amazing gifts, from advanced gadgets to 1,000,000 rubles, for our new representatives and their sponsors. It's now the time to see the results.

More than 300 people have participated in the action, we held 8 draws on the air and we raffled off 16 great gifts – from fitness trackers to high-powered reflex cameras!


Here is the list of winners (and their sponsors), if you are on the list – accept our congratulations! We certainly will contact each of you and explain how you can get your gifts.


Basic, stage 1, the gift – Fitness Tracker:

Winner: Aleksandr Glotov

Sponsor: Maxim Krakhalev


Basic, stage 2, the gift – Smart Watches

Winner: Galia Uteshova

Sponsor: Kuralay Baubekova


Basic, stage 3, the gift – Hoverboard:

Winner: Guno Aliev

Sponsor: Yury Mikhailov


StartUP, stage 1, the gift – Smart Watches:

Winner: Elena Kirillova

Sponsor: Olga Kirillova


StartUP, stage 2, the gift – Hoverboard:

Winner: Bazarkul Durekeeva

Sponsor: Venera Durekeeva


Business, stage 1, the gift – Robot Vacuum:

Winner: Zaira Dolova

Sponsor: Yulia Koltsova


Business, stage 2, the gift – PlayStation 4:

Winner: Anastasia Koznova

Sponsor: Maria Pavlova


Business, stage 3, the gift – Reflex Camera:

Winner: Olga Chumichkina

Sponsor: Svetlana Masovich