Activate your first line partners and get cashback!


You can get cashback for activating EVERY first line newcomer only from 13/09/21 to 30/09/21 (23:59 GMT)!




1. Activate any newcomer for Basic, Start-up or Business contract in any available way (don't forget about ChatMe и BeMe😉)

2. Your newcomer will get 50% of the value of his/her order to the Present account!



Both the newcomer and you get money!


As soon as your newcomer is activated, you also get 50% of the value of his/her order to your Present account.




— Delivery cost is not included in the promotion, 50% are credited only from the cost of the product/set that was activated. 

— Promotion period: 13/09/21 - 30/09/21 (23:59 GMT)

— Funds are credited to the Present account in the new period (02/10/21)