Dear friends!


You know how carefully we approach the development, production and quality control of our products.


We choose only the best manufacturers and raw materials for our products. We study the results of the latest scientific research and constantly experiment, try, search.


This approach allows us to create and market truly effective products to optimize the body's resources for mitochondrial health.


Now we are especially puzzled by what is happening in the world, as this makes us to adjust our pricing policy.


Much has changed in recent years, both in the world as a whole and in individual areas. The economy was no exception - our costs for materials, raw materials, equipment and production increased by 30-35% on average.


Transport services have risen in price by 40% over the past year due to certain processes on the freight market. This could not but affect our logistics processes - the cost of transporting individual components increased by 8-10 times.


Taking into account the significant influence of these factors on the company's activities, we inform you in advance that prices for our products will be increased from October 2021.


Updated prices for all regions of VILAVI presence will be presented on the company's website.


High quality and efficiency of the products that we create remain a priority for us. We continue to make every effort in this direction.


Thank you for sharing our values and staying with us.