Now you can build a business with partners all over the world easily!


After all, in order to introduce your newcomer to the company, products and the basics of business with VILAVI — you only need a Telegram and a ChatMe referral link!


ChatMe is your automated assistant that will introduce your beginner to the product and the basics of business with the company not only in Russian, but also in English!


The new English version of ChatMe 4.0 is already available!


ChatMe 4.0 in English is a course that is adapted specifically for partners in Europe and the USA.


The new English version includes:


✔️ Updated texts and videos inside the ChatMe tool;

✔️ Product tests, current recommendations, new products and MITO program;

✔️ Business tests are a simple and quick way to choose a suitable business entry for yourself;

✔️ New visual design in the corporate style.


And also, automatic creation of course chats, a system for securing newcomers, new teams and priority 24/7 support — all this is also available in the English version of the ChatMe.


How to take an engaging ChatMe course?


1. Find a bot in Telegram - @Vilavi8bot

2. Click "Start" or "Start"

3. Choose the language - Russian/English

4. Click /getinfo and go through an interactive chat for passing will be created for you automatically (the waiting time is no more than 20 seconds!)


Depending on which language you choose for passing ChatMe, in that language you will take the course.


Go through the ChatMe today —