Win gifts in the festive game "10 New Year's wishes"! 🎁


We fulfill New Year's wishes without waiting for the New Year!


Already this December we have prepared 10 gifts that each of you can receive!


What should I do? Take part in the New Year's game "10 New Year's wishes" and become one of the lucky ones who will take 10 prizes.


🎄🌟 The game "10 New Year's Wishes" is a unique activity that will enable each of the company's partners to expand their business, raise the check, raise their rank and get cool New Year's prizes.


What awaits you in the game?


✔️ Every day the game publishes the theme of the day, in which you will learn about the company, about the product, about the new positioning, about the business and marketing plan.

✔️ 1 time in 3 days, the participants of the game receive a test task.

✔️ Each answer is evaluated in points (the number of points for 1 task is prescribed in the task conditions)


What are the conditions of participation in the game?


🎄 To participate in the game in this period (December), a personal volume of 150 PV is required at the time of the start of the game — December 13, 2021, 10:00 Moscow time.


🎄 You can join the game at any time! The main condition is 150 PV in December during the duration of the game.


🎄 All participants of the game who have fulfilled the conditions for participation will receive a link with an invitation to the game.


Fulfill your wish! 😉