Mid-December is the time when you need to take care of gifts for yourself and your loved ones, and most importantly - to have time to receive them in order to please your family.


We create New Year's miracles without waiting for the New Year!


Order gifts for the New Year in the period from 16.12.21 to 26.12.21 (23:59 GMT) and receive them with FREE delivery!


Who can take part in the promotion?


✔️  Current partners of the company (making a repeat purchase)

✔️  Registered, but not activated partners (making the initial (first) purchase)


Terms of the promotion:


  • •  Free shipping is valid in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus to the PVZ and courier — DPD and Russian Post (UPS and DHL are not involved);

  • •  Pickup on franchises is free;

  • •  For shipments from Russia to other countries, except the EU countries, free shipping - DHL and UPS;

  • •  For shipments from Europe - free shipping on any order;

  • •  America as a region does not participate in the promotion, but when ordering from a Russian store, delivery is free.


The promotion applies to any number of orders!


Make an order today to receive your gift for the New Year!