New, profitable activation kits!


Only from 17.12.21 to 20.12.21 (23:59 GMT) activation in business with VILAVI with new profitable sets is available to you.


Lucky Start — activation kit for the Startup contract, which includes: T8 EXTRA, T8 STONE, T8 MOBIO, T8 ViTEN.


💵 Cost — 123 euros

💎 Filling — 100 PV

💸 Retail premium — 13.5 euros


Lucky Business is a set for activation for the "Business" contract, which includes: T8 EXTRA (3 pcs.), T8 MOBIO (3 pcs.), T8 STONE (3 pcs.), T8 ViTEN (3 pcs.).


💵 Cost — 350 euros

💎 Filling — 350 PV

💸 Retail premium — 13.5 euros


How do I activate?


Take advantage of the interactive ChatMe course on the Telegram platform, in which the company's president Dmitry Laevsky talks about the company, brand, products and business.


⚠️ Important!

1) The kits are available to all registered but not activated representatives;

2) Available for order with VAT;

3) Not available for order with PS;

4) Are not available for ordering for another representative.