The holidays are over — it's time to get in shape!


We offer to make it delicious and effective together with products from the new LCHF NOW set, which was created specifically for representatives from Europe.


The LCHF NOW set includes:


T8 MOBIO — is a tool for correction and prevention of qualitative and quantitative disorders of the intestinal microbiota. 


T8 BRAIN OIL — is an oil of vegetable origin with medium -chain triglycerides and polyprenols.


T8 STONE — is a concentrate based on FulXP®Complex, which includes humic acids necessary for maintaining the health of mitochondria, as well as for their energy generation.


T8 EXTRA — is a concentrate based on the SibXP complex, which includes plant polyprenols, fir cell juice, and CGNC coniferous paste.


T8 BRAIN COFFEE — black coffee with polyprenols and MCT oil. 


T8 BOOM MIX (presented in two flavors: with walnut and poppy seeds) — bars that will provide your cells with high-quality energy fuel.


💵 The cost — 135 euros

💎 Filling — 100 PV

💸 Retail premium — 13.5 euros


⚠️The set is available only for representatives from Europe and is the entrance to the new LCHF marathon, which will be held from 31.01.22 to 13.02.22.


We are waiting for you at the marathon❤️