Expand your structure in Europe!


From 24.01.22 to 30.01.22 (23:59 GMT), a new set consisting of two products for the protection and improvement of mitochondria is available only for partners from Europe!


BEST CHOICE, which includes:


T8 EXTRA — concentrate based on SibXP Comple:

✔️ improves energy production in mitochondria

✔️ provides fast conduction of substances important for the vital activity of the cell

✔️ restores elasticity of membranes in each cell and prevents their damage

✔️ Enhances the body's immune defense


T8 STONE — concentrate based on FullXP Complex:

✔️ neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals in every cell

✔️ improves metabolism and provides a gentle detoxification of the body

✔️ removes heavy metals and toxins from the body

✔️ activates the work of all parts of the immune system

✔️ relieves inflammatory reactions in the body


💵 Cost — 73.5 euros

💎 Filling —53 PV

💸 Retail premium — 13.5 euros



1) Available for initial purchase and gives activation for the “Basic" contract.

2) Available for repeat purchase

3) Available for payment from a Cash account

4) Unavailable for payment from a Gift account

5) Unavailable for ordering for another representative


Take advantage of a favorable offer to expand your structure! 😉