We provide mitochondria all over Europe!


The new T8 EXTRA 90% is available for partners in Europe from 28/02/2022!


The new T8 EXTRA 90% contains VILAVI's improved SibXP Complex with increased bioavailability in every serving!


It means that the concentration of polyprenols is even higher, and the product has effect even more efficiently and brings useful substances into the cell faster!

The new T8 EXTRA 90% enhances all biological effects by increasing the saturation of the product with polyprenols.


It also improves energy production in mitochondria. It means that there is even more energy!


💵 Cost — 48 euros

💎 Filling — 34 PV

💸 Retail premium — 10 euros


And that is not all!


Starting today, every partner of the company in Europe will be able to purchase their favorite T8 EXTRA product with a polyprenols concentration of 85% with an increased Retail Premium!


💵 Cost — 48 euros

💎 Filling — 34 PV

💸 Retail premium — 14 euros


Please note that T8 Extra 85% can be ordered from franchises.


Hurry up to pick up your favorite flagship and get a nice bonus!