The end of the period is not only the anticipation of bonus payments and new qualifications, but also hard work! It is very important to use this time for the benefit of your business!


Only from 30.03.22 (09:00 GMT) to 1.04.22 (16:59 GMT) — you have the opportunity to get real benefits and make your business more efficient by using the BEST CHOICE set to activate newcomers to your team and repeat purchases.


The BEST CHOICE set consists of the company's flagship products T8 EXTRA and T8 STONE and is available for:


1️⃣ Activation of newcomers and expansion of your structure.


Every beginner who has completed activation with this set will receive:

✔️ activation for the «Basis» contract;

✔️ access to the PRODUCT SKILLS marathon in April, which will become a guide to the world of business, products, increasing personal sales and knowledge about the positioning of VILAVI.


2️⃣ Repeat purchases.


If your Personal volume has not reached 100 PV, then this set is a great opportunity to do this and:

✔️ to receive as a gift from the company the flagship product T8 STONE worth 1990 rubles (for full terms, see;

✔️ perform bonus activity in the current period to receive all monthly bonuses according to the marketing plan.


💵 Cost — 73.5 euros

💎 Filling — 53 PV

💸 Retail premium — 13.5 euros