Ahead of the last month of summer - hot days are getting smaller, so you should take care of preparing the body for autumn and strengthening the immune system.


The new BIG PACK (4+1 product as a gift) will help you with this!

The BIG PACK offer is available to VILAVI representatives on the "Business" contract from 2.08.22 to 10.08.22 (23:59 GMT).


BIG PACK T8 EXTRA 90% is a concentrate based on the SibXP complex, designed to strengthen the body's defense systems, normalize the immune system and improve energy production in mitochondria.


💵 Cost — 192 euros

💎 Filling — 136 PV

💸 Retail premium — 40 euros


BIG PACK T8 STONE is a concentrate based on FulXP Complex, including humic acids, which provide gentle detoxification of the body, mitochondrial health and energy production.


💵 Cost — 112 euros

💎 Filling — 76 PV

💸 Retail premium — 24 euros


⚠️ Important!

This offer is valid only for representatives of VILAVI with the status of the contract "Business" and is not subject to transfer to third parties and publication in open sources.