BIG PACK with AdvCash payment for everyone!


With the onset of autumn, many have returned to training in gyms, Someone is already getting in shape for the New Year.


The secret of a real high from training and maximum benefits for the body is the BIG PACK of this period!


Every representative of VILAVI, regardless of the status of the contract, from 16.11.22 to 19.11.22 (23:59 GMT), can purchase the company's flagship products with special benefits


BIG PACK T8 STONE is a natural concentrate based on humic acid salts for making a drink that provides antioxidant protection, mild detoxification of the body and improved metabolism.


💵 112 euros / 💎 76 PV / 24 euros


BIG PACK T8 ViTEN is a functional product, which is a complex of biologically active agents of plant origin, which helps to strengthen the immune response to viral or bacterial infection and has antioxidant properties.


💵 132 euros / 💎 88 PV / 💸 24 euros


Choose your BIG PACK and have time to take advantage of a great offer!