Time for bargain shopping!

We're announcing Black Friday!

From 25.11.22 to 28.11.22 (23:59 GMT) you have a 2+1 MOTION on selected products!  If you buy two products during this period, you get the third one as a gift. 


T8 STONE 2+1  

Toothpaste T8 OMO DEUS 2 MINUTES BLACK 2+1 

Toothpaste T8 OMO DEUS 2 MINUTES GOLD 2+1 

Set of masks T8 OMO DEUS 30 MINUTES 2+1 

Serum T8 OMO DEUS 30 SECONDS 2+1 

T8 BRAIN OIL 2+1  

T8 MOBIO 2+1 

T8 ViTEN 2+1 


🚀 Time to buy the flagship products at a good price!


Decide on your New Year's gifts in advance 🎁 

The perfect time to introduce your favourite products to everyone you've been meaning to 


Purchases available: 

✅ payable from a cash account 

✅ for repeat purchases


Purchases not available:

❌ to order for another representative

❌ for an initial purchase