Let's get ready for winter!


What do we need in December, the fastest month of the year? There is so much to do: finish projects, renovations, exams, shopping for gifts and getting everything ready for the most magical night of the year in just 30 days! 


Energy — to get everything done, immune and antioxidant support of the body — to protect against viruses and colds.


We've got it all organised!


From 2.12.22 to 10.12.22 (23:59 GMT) the BIG PACK of flagship products for immunity support and high energy levels during the winter months are available to VILAVI representatives on Business contract.


We remind you that BIG PACK is a beneficial offer. Purchase 4 products and get the fifth one as a gift! 🎁


BIG PACK T8 EXTRA 90% concentrate, based on SibXP® Complex with doubled portion of fir cell sap, created to strengthen the body's defence systems, normalise immune function and improve energy production in the mitochondria.


💵 Price — €212

💎 Refill — 136 PV 

💸 Retail premium — €40


BIG PACK T8 STONE is a natural concentrate based on humic acid salts for making a drink that provides antioxidant protection, mild detoxification of the body and improved metabolism.


💵 Price — €112

💎 Refill — 76 PV

💸 Retail premium — €24


⚠️ Important!

This offer is valid only for representatives of VILAVI with the status of a «Business» contract and is not subject to transfer to third parties and publication in open sources.