In anticipation of this magical holiday, we're in a hurry to delight you and your partners with New Year's virtual predictions - Christmas magic. 😉🎁


Christmas magic virtual predictions - interactive Christmas cards. When you open the card you can get a motivating prediction for December, take part in 1+1, 2+1 promotions or get the opportunity to buy a BIG PACK.


How do I receive a virtual Christmas magic card? 


✔️ Choose a virtual Christmas magic prediction in our shop and add it to your cart;

✔️ Place and pay for your order;

✔️ Open the page of the virtual Christmas magic prediction in your personal cabinet; 

✔️ Click on the image;

✔️ Receive a wish wish fortune.


You can also give a prediction to your partner by:


✔️ Add a virtual Christmas magic prediction to your basket;

✔️ Click on "Checkout";

✔️ Select "Order for another representative". 


Choose your prediction! 

May it come true for sure!


Virtual fortune telling Christmas magic is available for partners from Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan in VILAVI Store


📌 Important:

  • Buy Virtual Cards are valid until 01.01.2023 (16:59 GMT). 
  • If a promotional postcard is caught, it will be available for 72 hours from the moment you click on the postcard!
  • Promotional offers from virtual postcards can be accessed until 01.01.2023 (16:59 GMT), even if 72 hours have not yet elapsed since the postcard was opened.
  • Virtual cards are non-refundable.