For two days only, 31.01.2023 from 07:00 GMT and 01.02.2023 until 16:59 GMT you get money in your Gift Account:


✔️ for activation to the contract status "Business" - 3490 RUB

✔️ for activation on "Startup" contract status - 1990 RUB

✔️ for the activation of the "Basic" contract status - 490 RUB only on February 1 (from 03:00 GMT to 16:59 GMT)


1 activation = 1 accrual, the number of activations and accruals is unlimited.

The more activations, the more money!



  1. Promotion is valid until the end of the period (from 31.01 (07:00 GMT) to 1.02 (16:59 GMT).
  2. Money will be credited to the Sponsor's Gift Account (the one who activates Newbie).
  3. The money will be credited at the beginning of the next period, until 06.02.2023.
  4. The promotion is valid for all regions. Accrual amounts in regions, where the currency is not ruble, will be recalculated according to the internal company rate.


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