Friends, terrific news! 


Only today, 1.02.23. until the end of the period, 16:59 GMT - a unique opportunity: all registered, but not activated representatives can profitably activate a contract with one of BIG PACK's presented positions! 


BIG PACK is a bargain! If you buy 4 products, you get the fifth one as a gift! 4+1!


➕ Benefit for partners: You activate a newbie on one of the contract types and get money for the activation into your Gift Account.

➕ Beginner's benefit: Activate a contract with popular products and receive one as a gift!

Meet the BIG PACK for your first purchase!


BIG PACK T8 EXTRA 90% - to activate on the Startup contract

💵 212 € / 💎 136 PV / 💸 40 €

BIG PACK T8 STONE - to be activated for the "Basic" contract

💵 112 € / 💎 76 PV / 💸 24 €



BIG PACK for the starter purchase:

  1. Unavailable for payment from Money Account;
  2. Not available for payment from a Gift account;
  3. Available for start purchase only;
  4. Not available for ordering for another representative;
  5. Not available for customer purchases.


Develop your structure profitably!