Have you or your partners ever received an activation discount?


VILAVI announces a unique promotion for those who want to start a business!


Only from 14.02.2023 06:30 GMT to 19.02.2023 23:59 GMT registered, but not activated partners get activation discount depending on number of PV in order:


💸 Discount €5.625 on an order of 50-99 PV (contract type «Basic»)

💸 Discount €22.5 per order 100-499 PV (contract type «Startup»)

💸 Discount €56.25 on orders 500+ PV (contract type «Business»)


You will see the discount in your basket in the online shop once you have added enough items before reaching the required amount of PV to activate the contract.




3 x T8 EXTRA = 159 € and 102 PV. This amount is sufficient to activate a contract «Basic», this would give you a discount of 22.5 euros and the final amount to be paid is 136.5 euros.



Only available for initial purchase.

Not available for customer purchase.