The higher your contract status, the more structure, the more opportunities open up for your business - more lucrative offers and monthly bonuses!


From 27.03.23 to 01.04.23 (16:59 GMT), we are opening the sale of kits with which you can maximise your profits:


✔️ upgrade your contract - for affiliates

✔️ start your business with VILAVI - for newcomers.


For three days only, special starter kits are available for the lucrative activation of newcomers to Start-up and Business contracts as well as for upgrading the contract status of company partners!


Sets for profitable activation in Europe:


TOP START is a kit comprising:⠀ ⠀



💵 Price — €123

💎 Filling — 100 PV⠀⠀

💸 Retail premium — €13.50


The set is available for non-activated users to activate on the Startup contract.


TRIPLE TOP BUSINESS is a set that includes:⠀

T8 EXTRA 90% (3 pieces), T8 STONE (3 pieces), T8 MOBIO (3 pieces), T8 VITEN (3 pieces). 


❗ Set available for non-activated users to activate on Business contract.


💵 Price — €350

💎 Filling — 350 PV⠀⠀

💸 Retail premium — €13.50


❗ Sets:

Unavailable from Cash account

Not available from the Gift Account

unavailable to order for another representative

Not available for repeat purchases.


Sets for a profitable upgrade of contract status in Europe:


FIRST STEP — a set comprising:⠀⠀

T8 EXTRA, T8 STONE (2 pieces), T8 MOBIO.⠀


💵 Price — 119 euros

💎 Filling — 100 PV⠀⠀⠀

💸 Retail premium — €13.50


❗ Set available to partners with Basic contract status to upgrade to Startup contract.⠀⠀⠀


MOVE ON UP — a set comprising:⠀⠀⠀

T8 EXTRA (4 pcs.), T8 STONE (4 pcs.), T8 MOBIO (4 pcs.).⠀⠀⠀


💵 Price — 349€

💎 Filling — 350 PV⠀⠀

💸 Retail premium — €13.50


❗ Set is available to partners with Basic and Startup contract status to upgrade to Business contract.⠀


❗ Sets: 

Available from Money Account;⠀

Not available from Gift Account;

Not available for starter purchase;⠀ ⠀

Not available for ordering for another representative;

This offer is only valid for VILAVI representatives and is not transferable to third parties or publicly available.


The sets are already available in the shop! Hurry to increase your income and create a bigger structure!