We have created a new spring promotion for you called Width Bonus!


The VILAVI team should be able to expand and grow as easily and profitably as possible.😉


The promotion is launched in test mode in March 2023, then for 6 months until September 2023, inclusive.


Who is this promotion for?


We reward people that bring new customers into their first line and encourage them to make recurring purchases!




The promotion is launched in test mode in March 2023
Then for 6 months until September 2023, inclusive.


What are the mechanics of the promotion?


In order to receive the «Width Bonus», the sponsor must perform cumulative activity (50 PV or more) in the specified period.


The calculation of the bonus takes into account:

  1. The number of activations in the first line for any contract type - «Basic», «Start-up» and «Business».
  2. The number of partners with accumulative activity for the current period from those who activated in the previous period.
  3. Starting from April - the number of first-line partners with cumulative activity in the current period who during the previous 6 months didn't accrue any cumulative activity (i.e. the volume of personal purchases was less than 50 PV).




In March only newcomer activations for «Basic», «Startup» and «Business» contracts in the first line will be taken into account.


In April the number of «Basic», «Startup» and «Business» first line activations in April will be taken into account, as well as the number of those partners, who were activated in the first line to the «Basic», «Startup» and «Business» status in March, and who completed cumulative activity in April. The following is by analogy.


In what areas does it operate?


In every region where the company operates.


The amount of compensation is determined by the number of partners involved in the promotion:



5-6 — 50

7-9 — 112.5

10-13 — 175

14-18 — 375

19-21 — 625



5-6 — EUR 22.5

7-9 — EUR 50.63

10-13 — EUR 78.75

14-18 — EUR 168.75

19-21 — EUR 281.25



  • If the number of partners involved in the promotion is less than 5 during the period of the promotion, no payment is made.
  • Payment is made in the representative's region's currency.
  • The volume of customer orders is not taken into account while calculating the bonus.
  • The payment is credited to the Cash Account on the second day of each month.