Not a day without 'product' news! Friends, the sale of alginate masks will cease on June 12, 2023 - we're saying goodbye to T8 OMO DEUS 30 MINUTES. 


T8 OMO DEUS 30 MINUTES BLACK is a rejuvenating alginate mask with black caviar extract for an instant lifting effect. Caviar extract stimulates the skin's own production of elastin and collagen, responsible for firm and smooth skin.

T8 OMO DEUS 30 MINUTES GOLD is a moisturising alginate mask with colloidal gold for a radiant skin. Colloidal gold stimulates cell metabolism, has an antioxidant effect, restores protective properties of the epidermis and improves skin elasticity.


You can purchase masks one by one or order a set of two.

Their synergy helps to smooth out wrinkles and saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals, returning a healthy glow and fresh complexion. The combined use of the masks prevents premature skin ageing caused by the negative effects of free radicals. The masks stimulate the skin's own collagen production, the skin becomes smoother and firmer and the face oval is lifted.


In the summertime, their ability to improve skin regeneration and active healing is of great value - T8 OMO DEUS 30 MINUTES will help to regenerate, nourish and soothe the skin after a long period of exposure to the sun.


Just five days to stock up on care products! 12.06.23 at 23:59 GMT we are closing the sale of alginate masks. Shop around and share this news with your partners. 

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