All month long we are living in the rhythm of EXTRA-July! SibXP®Complex is the heart of T8 EXTRA 90%. But SibXP®Complex is also part of the company's other products aimed at comprehensive body improvement. To celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, we are launching the sale of special sets of flagship products containing the SibXP®Complex for partners from

Europe! May your family and loved ones always be healthy, energetic and happy!



💵 130 € / 💎100 PV / 💸 13.5 €


T8 EXTRA 90% - gives you a boost of energy, promotes intellectual activity and takes care of your liver cells.

T8 BLEND - tasty immune support.

T8 OMO DEUS 30 SECONDS - especially appreciated by women, noting the instant lifting effect, moisturising and smoothing the relief and complexion.



1. Not available to order for another representative  

2. Not available from Gift Account.

3. not available for start purchase

4. Available for repeat purchase


Payment methods:

1. Advcash

2. bank card

3. bonus account


The offer is only available until 14 July - hurry up and shop!